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Q4 Thoughts: Be Flexible and Agile

Having a plan in place during Q4 is essential, but you also need to leave room for flexibility.

As Mike Tyson said
“Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the mouth.”

You can have your promo schedules, posting schedules, and lists of Merchants you will be promoting; and all that scheduled out months in advance. You also need to retain flexibility to make last minute adjustments as opportunities present themselves.


Maybe a Merchant comes to you with a last minute promo that would a great fit with your audience. Will you tell them no because it isn’t on your calendar?

Maybe an Affiliate who is a great fit for your program comes to you for inclusion in a gift guide at a reasonable price. Are you going to tell them no because you booked up all your placements 2 months ago?


As Merchants start chasing end of year numbers, their promo schedule might get more aggressive and it would be foolish for you to not make room for a post or two. As an Affiliate maybe you are seeing some great sales from a Merchant in early November, so leave yourself freedom to tweak your Cyber-week plans to include them.

There will be great opportunities for those Merchants and Affiliates who are flexible and agile this Q4. Have a plan, but be ready to modify those plans as needed.

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