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Q4 Thoughts: Optimize Your Top-Performing Pages

If you have an old post that is converting really well, use it to your advantage. As we enter into this busy season, take some time to revisit your top-performing pages and make updates or additional optimizations. Here are two big ideas to improve even your best posts:

1.  Add email opt-ins or calls-to-action on your top-trafficked posts.

After making sure that the content is up-to-date and relevant, re-evaluate your call-to-action because they change quickly and what worked well in the past might not work as well anymore. If your email captures or CTA’s look old, it won’t appeal to any visitor. So, give them a fresh look to generate more traffic, clicks, and conversions.

2.  Create custom Pinterest-optimized graphics to drive additional traffic to those pages.

For content creators, Pinterest is one of many social platforms that can help drive traffic to their website. As consumers turn to social media, especially highly visual platforms like Pinterest, it is crucial to design specialized, optimized graphics. Here are just a couple key pointers: 

  • Ideal image size: 600px wide x 900px high
  • Brand your images
  • Use keywords in your image file name and pin description
  • Include a call-to-action

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