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Q4 Thoughts: Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Affiliates come in all types and niches. Content bloggers, coupon sites, review sites, lifestyle, craft, parenting, and even influencers. Each operates differently, but they all have one thing in common – they are affiliate marketers. To run a successful program, these are three common characteristics of successful affiliates:

1. They stay relevant and choose their products/services/advertisers/networks wisely

Whether it’s a job opportunity or getting involved in a new startup, don’t jump on the first offer that comes your way. Waiting for the right opportunity and doing something you’re passionate about will work out much better. Routinely search for new partnerships so that you can stay relevant to your readers or customers.

2. Their content comes first before making money

Authentic content comes from writing about what you are genuinely interested and passionate about. Writing that comes first from the desire to make money is easy to spot and won’t drive more traffic. Readers will see right through the post. It is only after the content is complete that you should look for ways to monetize it.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that more and more brands have affiliate programs, which means that the likelihood of finding a brand(s) for your post is high! So write first, monetize second.

3. They think long-term vs quick spammy/unethical marketing

It is easy to get caught up in the “get rich quick” scheme, but that’s not going to lead to future growth. Those spammy marketing tactics might spike your sales initially, but it will drop off and when it does, you’ll be left with a bad reputation or searching for the next quick money moment.

Nothing is more important in business than your integrity. Protect it by looking at the long-term effects of quick decisions and by focusing all your hard work on your long-term goals.

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