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TOTD – Merchant Datafeeds for Affiliates

One account update that we always recommend for Merchants to do and to consistently update is the brand’s datafeed. While this is not a requirement, having a datafeed can significantly increase your brand’s exposure on our affiliate interface which will also lead to more affiliate partners and overall increased conversions.

Here are some of the ways a datafeed can help grow your Affiliate Program:

Merchant Search

While doing a simple Merchant search, Affiliates are able to see details about each merchant – commission rate, cookie duration, reversal rate, whether they have a datafeed, and a preview of the datafeed! 

If the presence of a datafeed is a requirement for new partnerships, Affiliates can skip all the sifting and do an advanced search, filtering only Merchants with a datafeed.


Product Search

While Affiliate partners can search by Merchant name or category, they can also search our network by product. The results from our product search is based on the datafeeds that Merchants supply. If you don’t have a datafeed, your brand won’t show up.

If you do have a datafeed, take the time to fill it out as much as possible. Go beyond the required columns and be sure to create fields for thumbnail/full images, retail price, name/description of the product, and search terms. It’s important to give the Affiliate this information via your datafeed so they can promote your product in the best light possible. 

If Beau-coup.com had not provided an image of the product, that area would be left blank. It’s a good thing their datafeed is so robust. Don’t miss the opportunity here to make your brand stand out!


Merchants with Datafeeds

ShareASale not only provides an entire list of Merchants with datafeeds, but we also give a full view of its status. Affiliates can view how many products are in the datafeed, when it was last updated, how much of the datafeed field are filled out, and a preview.

Affiliates can also apply for FTP access to each datafeed from this page.


ShareASale Tools

To help Affiliates better feature Merchants and their products, ShareASale provides several tools to make it easier than ever to highlight brands in a unique and creative way. Both the Make-A-Page tool and Product Showcase work based on datafeeds. Without it, an Affiliate wouldn’t be able to include your brand while using the tools.


Allows Affiliates to curate relevant products and turn any page into an eCommerce experience.


Product Showcase

Affiliates can create a banner, highlighting a selection of Merchant products based on the Merchant’s datafeed and their search criteria. The banner dynamically changes as the page refreshes or the datafeed is updated.


Affiliate API

For the more techy Affiliates, keeping up-to-date with Merchants’ datafeeds can be crucial for their partnership. These advanced Affiliates are able to use our API report parameters to request the datafeed information to be sent straight to their servers.




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